Classic, simple and straight. We supply our stunning floors in random lengths ranging between 1.5m to 2.4m with an average of 2.4m. Upon request we can produce planks up to 3m. Random lengths produce randomly installed floors which will always look infinitely better than same length plank floors that invariably form a pattern.



A current version of a traditional approach to Parquet Flooring. Each piece is accurately produced to strict tolerances. Herringbone parquet can be laid in single, double or triple herringbone patterns to name the most common three. Our Herringbone floors really are ‘statement floors’ they will add the wow factor to any space be it commercial or residential.



Our majestic Chevron Flooring  instantly add a touch of prestige and sophistication to a room or space. They are elegant and stylish! They can enhance the grandeur of a hotel foyer or the finest penthouse. We like going big with the chevron it looks amazing and works in any size setting.




Our prime grade subtly offers the beauty and natural elegance of the oak grain to admire and appreciate but is the cleanest and most consistent grade we offer. You can expect VERY infrequent knots with a maximum diameter of 10mm but it would usually be a case of spot the knot as our prime grade really is exceptionally clean.



Our best selling grade and a fantastic all rounder that can suit both contemporary and more classic decors. The grade exhibits more of the natural variation of the species than Prime but with a good percentage of clean boards included. Knots will be sound and live or filled.



Our Rustic grade exhibits all of the glorious characteristics the oak tree has to offer, the knots and tonal variations add layers of interest to the beautiful finished floor. We also thoroughly encourage our design contacts to try some of the more modern finishes on the rustic grade, we think this works particularly well. Likewise speak to us if you are looking for a more authentically aged look as we have many ageing and distressing options that are perfect for period projects.